Dakota Ditcheva is the PFL San Antonio fighter to watch

Dakota Ditcheva is the 2023 PFL Europe champion competing in the global season for the first time.
Dakota Ditcheva at PFL 10: Championships
Dakota Ditcheva at PFL 10: Championships / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The beginning of yet another PFL regular season brings about the arrival of new prospects within the PFL ranks. The first event of the 2024 PFL calendar will see a stop at the Boeing Center in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday, April 4. As usual, it can be expected that this tournament will culminate with the main title at the end of the year. This particular event will mark the beginning of the heavyweight and women's flyweight division journeys towards the championship.

Such events always produce a must-see fighter and, with this event, it is no different. The fighter to watch at PFL San Antonio will be none other than Dakota Ditcheva. Born in Greater Manchester in England, United Kingdom, Ditcheva is a former Muay Thai competitor. Ditcheva is quite the formidable name with quite a few accomplishments already under her belt.

Ditcheva grew up in a family of martial artists with her mother, Lisa Howarth, being a multiple-time world kickboxing champion. From an early age, Ditcheva began training in various disciplines such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She has actively competed in kickboxing and Muay Thai competitions. In 2016, she represented Britain at that year's International Federation of Muaythai Amateur World Championships. She obtained gold in her division (female junior -57kg).

Between 2019 and 2020, Ditcheva would have four fights on the amateur mixed martial arts circuit - winning all four. In 2021, she would make her professional debut. Since then, Ditcheva has had 10 fights in various promotions including Celtic Gladiator, PAWFC, and UAE Warriors. At the 2022 PFL Regular Season, she got the chance to prove herself and she did so with first-round finishes at both the playoffs, as well as the championships. Soon enough, Ditcheva would get the call to join the PFL Europe 2023 season, and it was a call that she was all too glad to answer. Ditcheva was ready to make her mark in the PFL.

Dakota Ditcheva could steal the show at PFL San Antonio if she beats Lisa Mauldin

With the 2023 Europe season, Ditcheva would go on to win all three of her bouts in decisive fashion. She claimed the PFL Europe 2023 Championship in the women's flyweight division. But Ditcheva is looking to dominate more than just the European continent. Instead, she is going straight for the main tournament on American soil, so that she establishes herself as a worldwide phenomenon.

At the first event in the PFL 2024 regular season, Ditcheva will be going up against Lisa Mauldin. This will be Mauldin's third showing within the PFL following an appearance in the 2023 Challenger Series before competing at the 2023 playoffs. Whilst Mauldin looks to continue building up her momentum, Ditcheva has everything to lose as is yet to suffer a defeat in a mixed martial arts cage. Ditcheva will be looking to apply her various background disciplines to her debut as a competitor in the regular season.

Ditcheva will be looking to kick off the tournament with her unique fight style, whilst stealing the show and impressing fight fans all around the world. For this reason, Ditcheva is the PFL San Antonio fighter to watch.


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