LOOK: 26 celebrities who train MMA [UPDATED]

Charlie Hunnam
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Celebrities are not just fans of the UFC and MMA as a whole, many of them train regularly. Here is a look at 26 celebrities who love to train.

The UFC has been growing as an organization since the 1990s. Mixed martial arts is a sport that captivates its viewers and makes fans of all sorts of people. From young to old, fans of MMA are often fans for life. The athletes are some of the best in the world and as many show superhuman-like physiques, wanting to be like them is something anyone can relate to. Included in these fans are many celebrities, some of which also take their fandom to the mats.

Mixed martial arts is made up of many different disciplines and it is that mixture that makes the sport so intriguing. Celebrities who are fans try to get as close to the sport as they can, whether that is sitting cage side, walking fighters to the Octagon, or training with them in their free time.

Some have been trying their hands at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, some boxing, some kickboxing, some just dabbling to get ready for a movie role, either way, training has found a home in the hearts of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Many of TV and film’s biggest stars are utilizing the training techniques of martial arts that have been around for centuries. Although many fitness trends come and go, MMA training and jiu-jitsu have found a way to remain over time.

Some of the names on this list you might know train, while others might be surprising. Here is a list of 26 celebrities who train in mixed martial arts in one way or another.