10 of the best boxers of all time

Ranking boxing's most prolific and hard hitting champions.
Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier Heavyweight Fight
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1. Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson is not only the best boxer ever, but he is also one of the most influential. His style, punctuated by smooth movement to all corners of the ring as well as a ferocious left hook led him to an outrageous record of 175-19-6 with 109 knockouts. His championships at welterweight and middleweight have him to be recognized as one of the first pound-for-pound greats in the sport.

After borrowing a friend's ID card to get into a club boxing tournament, Walker Smith Jr. made his new name, Ray Robinson. From there, he got the nickname "Sugar" based on his sweet style and 85-0 amateur record.

Robinson's intense, six-fight rivalry with Jake LaMotta saw the former victorious in five of the brutal contests. Robinson fought as often as he could, often rebounding weeks between matches. He was truly of the mind to fight anyone whenever. His style influenced Muhammad Ali as well as a host of other fighters after.

As one the most prolific fighters of the 1940s and 1950s, Robinson's triple-digit wins, and decisive victories over his contemporaries including Henry Armstrong are evidence of an enduring legacy and secure Robinson's place as one of the best boxers ever.

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