Is 24 Hour Fitness open on Christmas Eve?

24 Hour Fitness Christmas Eve store hours.

24 Hour Fitness
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With keeping fit becoming a bigger part of everyone's life, many of you may be looking to go to 24 Hour Fitness during the holidays, maybe even on Christmas Eve itself. The gym mega-chain is the second largest in the US in terms of revenue, with the company owning 287 facilities nationwide.

For you dedicated MMA practitioners, you may need to hit the bag with some vigor before being able to endure the often stressful (Just ask Sean Strickland) holiday period. Perhaps you need to preemptively burn some calories Tony Ferguson style in anticipation of the gluttonous proportions of food we are all often guilty of indulging in around this time of year. Don't worry though, 24 Hour Fitness has you covered for your Christmas Eve workout needs.

Operating in eleven states, (California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Virginia), the company employs over 7000 people and ranks fourth in terms of sites in the US.

With its customer base growing year on year, It is no surprise that many loyal customers will be wondering whether the usually always open fitness chain will be business as usual over the upcoming festive period.

The good news is, that 24 Hour Fitness will indeed be open on Christmas Eve, December 24th. The bad news is that it will be brief, as is usual with most places on key festive dates.

24 Hour Fitness Christmas Eve store hours

If you are looking to get a workout in before Christmas Dinner, have no fear, 24 Hour Fitness has you covered. The gyms are open until 2 p.m. on the 24th of December. They will, however, remain closed on Christmas day, as they have done every year.

This will not be unique to 24 Hour Fitness though, as most gyms will observe being closed on Christmas day.

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