Jackie Cataline is the Power Slap 8 striker to watch

Fans should keep their eyes on Jackie Cataline at Power Slap 8, here's why.
Jackie Cataline
Jackie Cataline / Power Slap

The 2024 UFC International Fight Week is here, and it is packed to the brim with events for fight fans. One of the events to watch during the week will be Power Slap 8, which takes place at the Fontainebleau in Las Vegas on Friday, June 28.

This will be the first Power Slap event since April, with that event taking place during UFC 300 fight week. The Power Slap 8 event features 8 live taped fights and, amidst all 16 scheduled strikers, there is one in particular that fight fans should tune in for.

The Power Slap 8 card features two women's matches (including the debut of Paige VanZant!), and one of them features Jackie Cataline. The name might be familiar to mixed martial arts fans but Cataline is ready to also make her mark in the world of slap fighting.

Although she is still relatively new to the sport, she is already serving as one of the trailblazers for women in the sport of slap fighting, especially in the Power Slap promotion. At Power Slap 8, Cataline looks to continue improving, and ultimately adding this to her arsenal.

Cataline's nickname 'The Hybrid' is an accurate one as she has competed in some notable promotions before even attempting slap fighting. With an MMA career that is still very much active, Cataline is one of the most intriguing Power Slap strikers on the promotion's roster, and she is certainly the one to watch at Power Slap 8.

Jackie Cataline is the Power Slap 8 striker to watch

Cataline began her professional MMA career in the 2022 PFL Challenger Series. After a win followed by a loss, she made her way to World Class Fight League 32.

It wouldn't be long before Cataline mader a return to the PFL for the 2023 edition of the Challenger Series. Her second stint on the series mirrored her first, with a win followed by a loss, and her last fight with the promotion took place in March 2023.

After an appearance at Tuff-N-Uff 132, Cataline would have a fight at Bellator 300 in October 2023. She won the fight via unanimous decision but Cataline soon found herself competing in a different arena of combat.

In conversation with the Power Slap team, Cataline made it known that she would like to fight in the UFC too at some point. For her, Power Slap is an avenue to get there whilst also adding to her skillset.

Cataline is a former deputy sheriff and, since then, has worked as an electrician, high school wrestling coach, and a seasonal wildland firefighter. On top of this, she is also an MMA fighter and a Power Slap striker.

Cataline has made it clear that she has a competitive nature and always willing to try out anything. That was the case when the Power Slap matchmakers called her and, despite never having even watched the sport, she agreed.

Cataline made her Power Slap debut at the February 9 event, which took place at the Durango Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. Her opponent was Sheena Bathory, and Cataline lost the fight by disqualification due to clubbing in round one.

Despite that, Cataline returns to the Power Slap stage, and she looks to push herself into the winning column. Her opponent at Power Slap 8 will be Katharina Lehner. Cataline won the coin toss and, as a result, she will be striking first. This will be a great chance for Cataline to use her left hand to get the action started and get the win she seeks.

Cataline already has wrestling and mixed martial arts in her arsenal. Now, with each passing slap fight, she gets to add something new to her skillset. Cataline looks to make her mark in the world of combat sports, one way or another. At Power Slap 8, it will be a display of her grit and determination. For that reason, Cataline is the Power Slap 8 striker to watch.