Sheena Bathory Power Slap record, bio & stats

Everything you need to know about Sheena Bathory, Power Slap's first female star.

Sheena Bathory
Sheena Bathory / Sheena Bathory

Dana White's Power Slap star Sheena Bathory has been dubbed the Ronda Rousey of slap fighting due to her being the first woman to earn a knockout in the promotion and the first woman to appear in a co-main event for the slap fighting organization.

Even though she's relatively new to UFC and Power Slap fans, she's anything but green. Bathory (legal name Franciska Szabo) was born August 15, 1991 and learned from a young age she needed to keep up with the men in her life. She credits her father for having her train with men as a catalyst to her love of combat sports.

Bathory has competed in Judo (another similarity to Rousey) and won several European slap-fighting competitions. She first appeared on the Power Slap stage before the promotion had debuted. White and Power Slap held a few testing events in the UFC APEX before going public in order to set rules, test the stage, run of show, and more. It was on one of those tests when Bathory went viral after slapping her opponent into a full somersault.

“I knew that Power Slap was going to be big and it’s only going to be bigger and it’s all around the world,” Bathory told “I just feel lucky that I get the opportunity to become famous with this new sport. But I think it suits me pretty well because I have a very dominant side and I can’t release that.”

It would take several events before Bathory would make her official debut but she served as an assistant coach for the first season of the Power Slap reality TV show while White and the Power Slap searched for a worthy opponent.

White jokes that no one wanted to compete with her due to her knockout power.

“She might have to start fighting guys. She’s nasty," he joked.

“The Hungarian Hurricane” as she's sometimes called, made her official debut on October 2023.

So far, all of her appearances have gone viral, even when she herself was knocked out. In her second appearance, Jackie Cataline, a newbie to the sport, knocked out Bathory but was disqualified for clubbing, resulting in a win for Bathory.

Sheena Bathory official Power Slap record

  • Sheena Bathory vs. Christine Wolmarans - Power Slap 5 - Oct. 25, 2023 - Bathory defeated Wolmarans via second-round knockout
  • Sheena Bathory vs. Jackie Cataline - Power Slap 6 - Feb. 9, 2024 - Bathory defeated Cataline via disqualification (clubbing)

Sheena Bathory stats

Bathory competed at featherweight (145 pounds) for her Power Slap debut but at lightweight (155 pounds) for her second appearance.

She stands at approximately five feet, four inches tall, and has long blonde hair. She is often seen in bikinis and working out on her official Instagram page.

At press time she is not booked for her next appearance.


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