UFC fighter's embarrassing Twitter mistake is going viral

Jairzinho Rozenstruik tweeted a promo for a fight that happened almost a month ago.

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It looks like maybe Jairzinho Rozenstruik got his dates wrong in the most hilariously embarrassing way.

On March 28 a tweet was posted at exactly 9 am ET promoting his headlining fight with Shamil Gaziev at the UFC APEX. The only problem is, that fight already happened on March 2. Whoever scheduled the promo tweet probably meant for it to publish on February 28, a few days before the fight.

MMA fans didn't miss a beat calling out the UFC heavyweight (or his social team) for the flub.

"Bro scheduled the tweet for the wrong month," someone tweeted with the skull emoji. "Bro using Internet Explorer," another fan joked. Someone else tweeted, "Jair you know this already happened right?" Another fan reminded him that he won the fight, "My guy you already won" and another joked, "Bigi was this in ur drafts for about a month?"

MMA fans crack jokes after Jairzinho Rozenstruik publishes an old tweet

If you've come here and the tweet is deleted, which it will be as soon as someone realizes what they've done. It was a video promo they UFC was using during fight week.

Before the fight even occurred it was heavily criticized by fans as being a potentially boring fight and a terrible pick for the UFC main event. Fans were not exactly wrong. Gaziev gassed out in the first round and it was downhill from there. The referee called off the fight after the fourth round after Gaziev was unable to come off the stool to fight. No one needs to see that fight again.

After the fight Gaziev took to Twitter to apologize for the performance.

โ€œFirst of all congratulations Jair Rozenstruik, good job today,โ€ Gaziev wrote. โ€œGot eye and nose damage in 2nd round and couldnโ€™t follow fight plan. If anyone thinks it will break me, I will disappoint you, Iโ€™m going to return gym in the coming days and I promise my fans to get better.โ€

At press time, neither Gaziev or Rozenstruik is not booked for their next appearance.