UFC 292: Ian Garry bulldozes Neil Magny in one-sided beatdown (Video)

Has Ian Garry shown that he is the next face of the UFC's welterweight division after he made easy work of Neil Magny at UFC 292?
Ian Garry
Ian Garry / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Ian Garry made a statement and continues to make his case that he is the future of the UFC welterweight division, defeating Neil Magny at UFC 292.

A low kick dropped Magny in the opening seconds, but Garry allowed Magny to return to his feet right away. About 30 seconds into the round, Magny fell to another low kick. Magny attempted to stay on the outside and attack, but Garry kept distance and had some strong singular shots.

After some struggle against the cage, Garry took Magny down and scored a couple of shots from up top before Magny was forced back to the feet. Magny seemed to be unable to pull the trigger, as Garry had almost all the offense in the first.

Ian Garry puts on one-sided beatdown of Neil Magny at UFC 292

Garry continued to keep distance, and his continued leg kick attack seemed to be getting to Magny. Magny was able to take a hold of Garry and press him against the fence, trying to get a takedown, even getting to Garry's back. Garry was able to reverse position and work Magny's body over before the break.

Off the break, Garry continued to damage Magny's legs with kicks, keeping Magny near the cage and compromising him as Garry worked him over with kicks and flurries.

In spite of Magny's best efforts, Garry's pressure was becoming just too much as he continued with his kicks, especially targeting Magny's legs. After one particular drop late in the round via leg kick, and another force of Magny back to the feet, Garry rocked Magny with a high kick and another set of combinations. Garry got Magny back down and into mount, delivering ground-and-pound and a guillotine attempt, but Magny saw the final horn.

All three judges gave at least Garry at least one 10-8 round, with two scores of 30-26, and even a 30-24 from the remaining one.

Garry called out Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson following the fight, claiming to prove that he's the best striker in the division, then he needs to beat the person that's considered such.

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