Here's why MMA Twitter is boiling mad at Brendan Allen and Neil Magny

Brendan Allen and Neil Magny are at the top of MMA Twitter's hit list right now.
Brendan Allen
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The UFC 292 build-up took a wild turn this week when two fighters posted about the ways in which they discipline their children.

On Wednesday, during the UFC 292 media day, Neil Magny compared what he'll do to Ian Garry and what a father does to his misbehaving son.

“There’s like different levels to ass whoopings that come about," Magny said (h/t MMA Junkie). "There’s the whooping that you give somebody in high school or in grade school. … There’s the whooping you give your son now like to kind of teach him life a little bit. Being a father, I’ve become quite accustomed to that kind of whooping now, and that’s what we’re looking forward to giving on Saturday. I know he’s out there, he’s very cocky, he’s feeling himself, everything else like that. But every once in a while, as Dad, you got to step to him like, ‘Hey, hey, settle down, son. I got this. You’ve got some growing to do.’ I’m looking forward to going out there and doing just that.”

At the time, those comments didn't get much of attention from the fans. But when Garry, a new father, got wind of his words, he made sure to let it be known that he doesn't believe in spanking or striking a child for any reason.

What did Ian Garry say about Neil Magny?

Garry posted a clip of the interview on his Instagram account and his reaction to the comment.

"Neil Magny’s son Liam is 3. This is not cool. I don’t wanna hear 'my parents beat me I’m fine' Be better than your parents. No excuses. Break the cycle," Garry wrote in the caption.

He then double downed on his anger at the UFC 292 press conference on Thursday night.

“I think Neil was given a f*cking mic yesterday, and he should sit up here on this stage and say nothing,” Garry said in response to the child abuse claim. “He put his f*cking foot in the dirt. If he speaks today, he’s digging a hole.

“Nobody is allowed to ask Neil Magny a question today. He’s to sit there and reflect on the sh*t that he said, because what he said was f*cking ridiculous. … We are tackling a very, very big f*cking issue here, mate. He should sit there and f*cking sit down, shut up, and reflect on what he said.”

Garry was true to his word and continued to interrupt Magny whenever he was approached by a reporter to address the issue.

“No, no, no – Neil’s not answering a question,” Garry said. “He’s going to sit there, and he’s going to be f*cking quiet. There is no f*cking right to ever put your hand on a kid, ever – discipline, anything. He’s to sit there and be quiet.”

What did Brendan Allen say?

The topic began circulating on MMA Twitter shortly after with most people agreeing with Garry. But UFC fighter Brendan Allen chimed in with his own take.

"I whoop my kids and nobody gana do shit about it," Allen said. Then, after the tweet went viral, he followed it up writing, "Its amazing that spanking, whoopin, or popping is considered 'beating' crazy to me how pussified civilization has come."

MMA social media accounts are weighing in on the controversy

It doesn't take much to incite the MMA Twitter mob, and they went right to work on Allen after the tweets started picking up steam.

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