Ryan Garcia mess is a literal dumpster fire

The latest Ryan Garcia news is the worst news yet.
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia / Al Bello/GettyImages

Man on man, the Ryan Garcia drama is just getting worse and worse.

First, Garcia was a big topic of discussion over his mental health. In the weeks and months leading up to his fight with Devin Haney, he tweeted several disturbing things, shared videos and photos of troubling subjects, and was even thought to have been physically harmed by someone else or himself. To be honest, there was so much going on and so much confusion around what was real and what wasn't, people thought he was having a psychotic break.

That drama intensified when he missed weight for the Haney fight by more than three pounds, just one day after making an enormous bet with Haney that he wouldn't. He even drank a beer on scales as a bit of a middle finger to Haney. Absolutely no one thought he'd make it through the fight in tact. But boy were we wrong. He punked us all and came out guns blazing knocking down Haney several times and eventually securing the finish.

Ryan Garcia is a literal mess right now

He then got on the microphone and admitted he was joking and totally fine leading up to the fight which angered those who had been in literal fear for his well being. The following day it was revealed he'd placed a big bet on himself to win and that led many to question wether his mental health act was in order to manipulate the betting lines and increase his potential winnings, which could be illegal and unethical.

But guys, it's still getting worse.

On Wednesday, May 1 it was revealed he'd failed a drug test in connection with the Haney fight and now the whole thing might get overturned. It's a literal s*it show and we all have front row seats. It's unclear if and when we'll know more about the drug test and the fallout, there is still a chance it could be from tainted supplements but we all have to wait to find out.

Let's hope that's the last of the bad news but that could be my famous last words.

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