'Absolute disaster' breaking down Ryan Garcia's behavior ahead of Devin Haney fight

Ryan Garcia's behavior should be a sign of concern, not a promoting tool for Devin Haney fight.
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia / Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/GettyImages

The boxing fight should have never gone forward and those responsible for keeping Ryan Garcia in the fight should be ashamed of themselves. After weeks (if not months) of erratic behavior from Garcia, he's now missed weight for the fight scheduled for tomorrow.

According to Dan Rafael, Garcia is "waaaay overweight" and the fight is now being renegotiated. "He scales 143.2 pounds, per source in the room. He will not be eligible to win the WBC 140 title. Sides negotiating how to move forward. Absolute disaster and absolutely expected," he tweeted on Friday morning.

Should Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia be happening?

Garcia's behavior online has led manyt to question if he was mentally stable enough to compete. There was som controversy on his social media which alluding to Garcia being kidnapped and harmed. He's also been tweeting a series of non-stop erratic and controversial tweets. The fighters were even kicked out of a Mets game they were scheduled to throw out the first pitch for due to the MLB being uneasy about them appearing at the event.

Just one day ago, Garcia was under fire for his controversial comments at the pre-fight press conference. Many of Garcia's comments were NSFW and/or barely coherent expletives. Even Hanet appeared concerned. “Something is wrong with this motherf*cker,” Haney said on the stage. “This sh*t is not normal.”

Is Ryan Garcia having a public 'mental breakdown'?

People in charge have a responsibility to protect Garcia who is showing signs of some kind of impairment. Many in the media have called Garcia's behavior a "mental breakdown" and called for the fight to be called off.

Garcia claims that the NYSAC asked him to have a mental health evaluation. In the now-deleted video, Garcia said, "Is it not my U.S. constitutional right to have free speech? So because I'm tweeting what I'm tweeting, that's premises for a mental evaluation? That's curious." So far, there's been no confirmation or denial that a request was made or that an evaluation occurred.

"As is the case with all Golden Boy fights, we are in close contact with the commission and sanctioning bodies and will of course follow any and all rules and regulations to ensure our fighters are ready on fight night," Golden Boy Promotions spokesman Stefan Friedman told ESPN.

We're going to keep a close watch on this fight and update on any new developments that may arise.


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