Teddy Atlas' Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia opinion is the best one yet

Teddy Atlas weighed in on the shocking win by Ryan Garcia on Saturday night in New York.
Teddy Atlas
Teddy Atlas / CHRIS FARINA/GettyImages

Everyone has an opinion about the Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia fight. Some people think Garcia won because of the weight miss. Some people think Garcia was trolling everyone with his mental health issues. Some think Haney underestimated Garcia. Whatever it is you think, Teddy Atlas probably has it as close to right as right could be.

Atlas took to Twitter on Sunday morning to react to the shocking win by Garcia. "No, I don’t think it was all an act, but I do think in a way Ryan needed the craziness to get to the ring—and once there—he was bigger, faster, and stronger," he tweeted along with a photo of Garcia knocking down Haney.

Garcia was the first man to defeat Haney and the first man to record a knockdown on him, and he had several. Atlas had some theories about how he got that done so easily.

"Crazy thing in crazy night is Garcia only fought in certain rds. and spots. And that actually served him," he wrote. "It made Haney get false sense security & caught by surprise at times. Haney’s approach not what it usually is. Walked in, no jab, looking for big shots. That’s not him, not his style. To steal term from Floyd, they thought it would be easy money."

Teddy Atlas says concessions need to be made if Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney fight again

Atlas also commented on the weight discrepancy which was large, over three pounds. "Making wt. for Haney drained him and not making it for Garcia helped him. And the craziness leading up hurt Haney because they looked past Ryan, thinking would be easy," he wrote. "If they ever fight again—I don’t think they will—you can be sure they will require Garcia to make wt. & have hydration clause."

Before the fight even took place Atlas was one of the many people asking for Garcia to be mentally evaluated before allowing the fight to continue. His erratic and controversial behavior during the weeks leading up to the fight included several posts that alluded to harm befalling Garcia and/or people taking control of him.

In the end, Garcia said it was all an act and that people didn't know how to take a joke but several people, including Atlas, are still skeptical and suspicious about the behavior.