Ray Sefo gives an update on Francis Ngannou's PFL debut (Video)

Ray Sefo has some insight about the PFL's plans for Francis Ngannou following the Tyson Fury fight.

Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

On Thursday afternoon, after sparring with Sean Strickland, Sadibou Sy, and other high-level MMA fighters, PFL president Ray Sefo, spoke with the media about Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou signed with the PFL earlier this year but announced he'd take a super fight with Tyson Fury in the boxing ring before debuting with the MMA promotion. Many fans had wondered now that he had such a good showing in boxing, would he ever return to MMA?

Sefo thinks he will.

“That’s something we got to talk to the team more about,” Sefo said during his scrum at Xtreme Couture.” I know, and obviously with Francis as well, I know he’s going to want to take a little bit of time off. At the moment he’s scheduled to compete in February, but right now, I think it’s one of those things where we just got to sit down with the team, and of course with Francis, and figure that out and see where we go from here.”

Despite that February date, PFL founder Donn Davis wasn't as confident a PFL debut would happen next.

“No idea, no idea, no idea,” Davis said on The MMA Hour. “Francis is making plans. I heard him on your show. He said he’s making decisions in the next two weeks. We know what he’s working on. I think there is a path of one of two ways: I think there’s a boxing path for him next, and I think there’s a mixed fight for him next.”

Ray Sefo thinks Francis Ngannou won the fight with Tyson Fury

Sefo also reacted to Ngannou shocking the world with his performance in Saudi Arabia.

“What he did was truly amazing,” Sefo said. “It wasn’t just another MMA fighter boxing, and he wasn’t just fighting anybody. He was fighting the boxing heavyweight champion of the world. So, to see him do what he did was truly amazing because a lot of people doubted him. I personally thought he’d probably have one to five rounds to put Tyson Fury away. But when he dropped Tyson Fury, that also gave him a lot more confidence in what he was doing. He was so composed, he was patient, and the fact that he went 10 rounds with the heavyweight champion is truly remarkable.

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