Predicting the next 3 new UFC champions

Winning and defending a UFC title is one of the hardest feats in professional sports. These three individuals are on the cusp of obtaining that goal if everything plays out in their favor in the coming months.

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2023 is coming to a close and there was a lot of UFC action to look back on over the year. The last 12 months saw some intriguing championship matches as well, and that opened the door to some surprise new champions. Few would have predicted that Sean Strickland and Alexa Grasso would be UFC champions at the end of 2023, but that is the fact heading into the new year.

Predicting future UFC champions is often a difficult task, but it is one that can still be done when looking at a few factors. Sure, skill plays a big part in the equation. Defeating and defending a championship at this level of mixed martial arts is one of the most difficult tasks in sports. Timing and luck also play a big part in getting the job done, as the UFC expects its fighters to be ready whenever the call comes. Taking all of that into mind, here are three individuals who are in a prime position to be a champion, perhaps by this time in 2024.

Each one of these fighters is on the cusp of being in title contention or already there. Getting into the title picture within the UFC requires checking a bunch of vague boxes, for some that doesn’t even include winning. Yet, each one of these fighters has been dominant and gained traction among fans at the right time. These three names stand out on the top of the pile when predicting the next men and women to hold a UFC title.