PFL vs. Bellator predictions & odds

  • PFL vs. Bellator takes place on Feb. 24
  • Here are the odds for every fight
  • We give our predictions for each of the fights as well

Impa Kasanganay
Impa Kasanganay / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

PFL vs. Bellator is the biggest card the Professional Fighters League has ever put on. It's the first time since the merger with Bellator and each promotion is putting their best on the line.

There are two title fights on the line, the professional debut of Biaggio Ali Walsh and the return of Claressa Shields. We'll break down each of the match-ups, with odds and give our prediction for the final result.

Abdullah Al-Qahtani vs. Edukondal Rao

Al-Qahtani is the local fighter on the card which means he's going to have the crowd behind him. In this case, don't bet against the house. Also, look at those odds, my goodness.

Odds: Al-Qahtani -1450 | Rao - +850
Prediction: Al-Qahtani via KO/TKO

Claressa Shields vs. Kelsey DeSantis

PFL matching Olympic medalist and boxing GWOAT with a 1-2 MMA fighter is a travesty. They aren't even trying to make the fight look fair. That said, I don't see Shields taking her MMA training as seriously as boxing and I don't think she will finish DeSantis unless DeSantis tries to stand and bang with her, which would be a big mistake.

Odds: Shields -455 | DeSantis +350
Prediction: Claressa Shields via decision

Biaggio Ali Walsh vs. Emmanuel Palacio

Ali Walsh will be making his pro debut after a lengthy amateur career. Something tells me that the team (and PFL) would not have set up this fight if it wasn't expected that Ali Walsh would win. He's a fantastic fighter and the odds reflect that. I wouldn't be shocked if this was over before the first round ends.

Odds: Ali Walsh -1200 | Palacio +750
Prediction: Biaggio Ali Walsh via KO/TKO

Henry Corrales vs. Aaron Pico

This fight was made at the last minute so there's no odds for it yet, check back often for an update. I would have picked Pico versus most opponents but even more so when the opponent hasn't been preparing for the fight. Seems like a no-brainer to pick Pico on this one.

Odds: No odds yet
Prediction: Pico via decision

Clay Collard vs. A.J. McKee

No matter who wins this one, it's going to be an absolute banger. My head says McKee will get the win but my heart says Collard shocks the world. If I were you, I'd steer clear of this bet altogether. Both of these fighters are unpredictable.

Odds: Collard +240 | McKee -298
Prediction: Clay Collard via decision

Thiago Santos vs. Yoel Romero

This is probably one of the hardest one's for us to choose. Two former UFC fighters meeting under the PFL vs Bellator banner. Our gut goes with the oddsmakers, Santos will probably earn the victory here. We see this going to decision.

Odds: Santos -122 | Romero +100
Prediction: Santos via decision

Bruno Cappelozza vs. Vadim Nemkov

Nemkov is going up in weight but we don't expect the size difference to be that jarring between he and Cappelozza. But we also don't see the PFL fighter being competitive with Nemkov. The former Bellator champion is just too good.

Odds: Cappelozza +380 | Nemkov -500
Prediction: Nemkov via K0/TKO

Gabriel Braga vs. Patricio Freire

The odds haven't be released for this fight due to the last minute nature of the fight but it doesn't take a genius to know how this one will go. Freire will win this one, likely fairly quickly which is unfortunate because Braga is coming into the fight just weeks removed from the murder of his beloved father and coach. We wanted better for Braga but with Freire across the cage from him, we so no other outcome.

Odds: No odds yet
Prediction: Freire via KO/TKO

Ray Cooper III vs. Jason Jackson

This fight doesn't make a lot of sense to us. Cooper III has not looked good in a long time. Even though he won his last fight, it was sloppy and he missed weight. Jackson is a champion and is taking this fight seriously in a way we haven't see Cooper III do in a long time. We don't see the fight going to distance.

Odds: Cooper III +350 | Jackson -455
Prediction: Jackso via KO/TKO

Impa Kasanganay vs. Johnny Eblen

We understand why the oddsmakers are giving Eblen just a bump. Many feel that he's the greatest fighter outside of the UFC right now. But Kasanganay's size might be too much for Eblen. Kasanganay has an insane 2023 season and we just don't see that slowing down anytime soon. Eblen's wrestling is top-notch, but so is Kasanganay's submission skills. We think Eblen will get him to the ground where one mistake could set Kasanganay up for the eventual sub.

Odds: Kasanganay +330 | Eblen -425
Prediction: Kasanganay via submission

Renan Ferreira vs. Ryan Bader

According to the odds, this is the closest fight of the night. And while all of these fights are incredible match-ups, this one might be the best. We are picking Ferreira as the winner, via decision due to his height/reach. He's unlike anything that Bader has ever faced and at 40 years old, Bader may be seeing the tail end of his career.

Odds: Ferreira -105 | Bader -115
Prediction: Ferreira via decision

All odds according to DraftKings. Odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.


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