Biaggio Ali Walsh explains decision to finally turn pro for PFL vs. Bellator event (Video)

  • Biaggio Ali Walsh talks about the decision to turn pro
  • He talks about the added pressure
  • Biaggio fights on February 24

Biaggio Ali Walsh
Biaggio Ali Walsh / Amy Kaplan/ FanSided MMA

One of the only bad things I've ever seen said about Biaggio Ali Walsh was his delay in turning pro. Many fans and media alike wondered why he took so long, especially after seven straight wins, all finishes.

But he'll be stepping into the PFL Smart Cage on Feb. 24 for his official pro debut when he takes on Emmanuel Palacio on the PFL vs. Bellator card

"I could have gone pro three fights ago or two fights ago. Who knows," Ali Walsh told FanSided MMA while attending the Super Bowl media event. "But you know, I wanted to listen to my coach. And whatever my coach thinks, I'm gonna listen to him, you know. So, you know, I wanted to see how my last fight would go, and how I would finish him. And I finished him in the second round, in the way - and I think the way that I won kind of told me, 'Okay, I might be ready to turn pro.' But then again, it's all what my coach thinks. So I sat down with him. I told him, I said, 'Hey, you know, I think I'm ready to turn pro. What do you think?' He thinks the same thing so that's what we're gonna do."

Biaggio Ali Walsh says the pressure will get 'worse' now that he's an official pro

Now that he's fighting an official pro bout, the stakes are higher. His wins and losses will no count on his record and that could affect his career trajectory. This thought is all a part of the pressure each fighter feels every fight.

"The pressure is only going to get worse and worse and worse, you know," he said. "If I go 10-0 or anything, you know, the pressure is just gonna get worse and worse and worse. But it's how you handle the pressure that really counts. You know, I believe that pressure makes diamonds. I believe I'm handling it pretty well. I think I'm handling a lot better than most people would. But, you know, yeah, the pressure does get worse. You know, there's more pressure in this fight for sure. But I invite all the pressure in the world because I just know it's gonna make me better."


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