Paulo Costa wants title shot after beating Robert Whittaker 'I’ll be the next in the line'

  • Paulo Costa makes his return to the UFC
  • He will fight Robert Whittaker in the co-main event at UFC 298
  • He says after he beats Whittaker, he wants the title shot
UFC 278: Usman v Edwards 2
UFC 278: Usman v Edwards 2 / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Paulo Costa returns to UFC action this weekend against former champion Robert Whittaker.

Costa returns to the UFC after almost two years on the sidelines. His opponent has lost two of his last three fights. Costa, on the other hand, secured a win in his last outing. Therefore, Costa is extremely confident in his ability to secure a win, he also has his next fight planned once he gets past Whittaker.

During the UFC 298 pre-fight media day, Costa explained that he thinks he's in line for the next title shot if he gets through Whittaker.

"I don’t see other way different than that," Costa said. "I will go straight for the belt after beating Whittaker. I have no other way to go. I think after I beat him, when you look at the whole division, you have a popular guy who fights the way people want to see, the people like to see the fight going on, it's me. So beating him, I will be the next in the line.”

Paulo Costa is dreaming if he thinks he gets next shot at UFC title

Unfortunately for Costa, a win over Whittaker might not be enough to grant him a title shot. Costa has been extremely unreliable over the past few months for the UFC. Contract disputes, injuries, and last-minute pull-outs have been common with Costa. Keeping that in mind, it is doubtful that the UFC will grant him a title shot after one single win.

If Costa were to beat Whittaker and then secure another win or two without pulling out last minute, it might give the UFC enough confidence to put him in a main event position. Until Costa can earn the trust of the UFC once more, there is little to no chance that he will get a title shot following a win over Whittaker regardless of how impressive his performance is.


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