New slap boxing trend is totally ridiculous & hilarious (VIDEO)

  • There's a new sport out of India
  • It's called slap boxing and it's sweeping the internet
  • It reminds fans of Dana White's Power Slap
Slap boxing
Slap boxing / YouTube

If you don't like Dana White's Power Slap you're going to absolutely hate slap boxing.

According to a recent Reddit thread, a fan uncovered a competition in India where men compete in the dirt slapping each other silly. It's much more high energy than Power Slap and some of the guys are seen doing jumping leaps and somersaults.

Check out a few of the funny clips here.

Indian slap boxing is a trend we never knew we needed

Some of these videos are more than three years old and have tens of millions of views, but we're just seeing them here in the US now, due in part to the Power Slap trend.

Fans on Reddit seemed to love the videos and even joked about Power Slao heading to India.

"I can just imagine Slap holding its biggest live event in a sold out stadium in Punjab," someone wrote. "The sounds, the smells, the will be absolutely amazing! There isn't a place I would rather be than a hot and sweaty and packed stadium in Punjab! Those pungent scents would be absolutely unforgettable."

The next Power Slap event takes place on April 12, the day before the UFC hosts its historic card, UFC 300. It's unclear who will appear on the card but if it's anything like Power Slap 6, it will be swarmed by celebrities and influencers.


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