Dana White debunks latest boxing rumor

The UFC is not buying Top Rank, Dana White says.
Dana White
Dana White / Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports

In 2023, the Professional Fighters League purchased Bellator. And now someone has started a rumor that Endeavor (and the UFC) are buying Top Rank Boxing.

But on Dec. 25, UFC president Dana White debunked the rumor on Instagram.

"Absolutely positively not true," he said along with a tweet announcing that alleged sale. "We are not buying Top Rank."

It appears the rumor started with Rick Glaser on Twitter.

The UFC merged with WWE earlier this year, which was a huge shock at the time so it's not totally out of the question that perhaps they;d scoop up a boxing promotion.

“Going forward, new negotiations bring new opportunities for us to explore new content from both a linear and streaming perspective,” he said, including “films and documentaries, more fights, short form content, social distribution," the press release read at the time, "both ESPN and Comcast have shown the willingness to allow us to produce more proprietary programs for other outlets in an attempt to better market the sport.”

But Top Rank will not be one of those acquisitions.

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