Netflix UNTOLD: Jake Paul the Problem Child premiers, how to watch

Netflix released the first episode of UNTOLD which featured social media star Jake Paul and his journey with brother Logan Paul.
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The promo train is hitting top speeds for social media sensation Jake Paul as he prepares to face MMA legend Nate Diaz on Saturday, live on DAZN PPV. At the start of fight week, Netflix dropped the series premiere of UNTOLD, with the first episode focusing on Paul and his brother Logan’s rise to fame. The episode runs approximately 70 minutes and is perfectly made for the short attention span of today’s content consumers.

The documentary starts off appropriately as Paul is seen on Instagram Live promoting his fight with Anderson Silva. Then, it immediately follows him in the leadup to the fight itself. Logan is seen giving Paul a motivational speech in the locker room, and as he comes out for his ring walk, chants of “F%ck Jake Paul” fill the air in the arena.

The episode goes into the intro designed for the series, and shortly after, you see Logan in a white robe sitting on the couch with a bottle of PRIME, a sports drink company he owns with fellow YouTuber KSI. His brother Paul says, “I think people love to talk sh%t about my boxing ability.”

Then, the documentary transitions into 2006, where Paul and his brother Logan are recording a video. The brothers talk about their relationship and how they were athletes who wrestled and played football. The interesting part of this segment is when they start discussing the two brothers' relationship with their father. To them, he was strict and abusive, but that is what they attribute their success to. While creating content, Logan was more of the brains behind the operation. In 2014, after seeing much success, both brothers moved to Los Angeles, where they would later become one of the world's most successful social media influencers.

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Paul landed a role on a Disney Show and, at 18, bought a 7.4-million-dollar house. When they were around 22 years old, the competition amongst the Paul brothers got fierce as they made diss records targeting one another, and Logan took it a step further and dated Paul’s ex-girlfriend while rubbing it in his face at every moment. The videos started to get more extreme, and in 2017, Disney dropped Paul as he faced tremendous backlash from things happening in his world. For example, the FBI raided Paul’s home and ceased the weapons that he had in there. It seemed like Paul’s life was spiraling out of control, and his family feared he would take his own life.

The next part of the documentary quickly goes into the Paul brothers’ boxing career. It started with KSI and his brother Deji calling them out which led to becoming professional fighters. Paul would later take on the “heel” persona, which grew his brand and those watching his events.

Then it gets into Paul teaming up with his partner Nikisa Bidarian, who lays out the initial meeting between the two and his vision for the company. The scene shifts back to the present day in Puerto Rico, where Paul and his brother Logan have purchased a home for themselves and live their full time. While Paul is talking, a training montage plays in the background, showing scenes of him working out at his gym.

The documentary then goes back three years and follows Paul’s boxing career from the start to now. In this segment, the phrase “old guard” keeps coming up as Paul notices that the boxing purists in the sport and/or those who follow it, do not want to accept what he is doing as serious. Dana White from the UFC then appears in some old press conference clips with sound bites about Paul. “The Problem Child” then goes into the idea of creating a fighters’ union for both boxing and MMA fighters while also focusing on his fighter, Amanda Serrano, the undisputed featherweight champion.

The last phase of the documentary focuses on the strained relationship between Paul and his father. The closing scenes capture the build-up to the Tommy Fury fight and the moments in the locker room after suffering his first loss as a pro.

Overall, Netflix did a great job of capturing Paul and his brother Logan in a way that kept your attention while not drifting. This is only a sample size of what can be done on a much larger scale down the road but for those curious to know their rise, this bite-sized documentary gives you a great crash course to get you up to speed before Saturday night.

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