Netflix star calls out Nate Diaz after viral street fight

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva
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Netflix star Chase DeMoor calls out Nate Diaz after their viral street fight on Friday after the water bottle incident.

Although much of the attention on Friday was towards Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia, Misfits Series 6 had their event on DAZN. One of the fights on the card featured Netflix star Chase DeMoor who was facing YouTube influencer Steve Knight in a boxing match.

Although DeMoor told FanSidedMMA that he would allow Knight to be aggressive first, DeMoor set that pace right from the start. He jumped all over Knight and hit him with a slew of punches sending Knight to the ropes and finally down to the canvas. However, when Knight was down, DeMoor kept punching him, stopping the fight and DeMoor being disqualified.

Demoor jumped on Twitter right away, apologizing for his actions, and said, “On a very serious note, I’ve gone and checked on @ImStevieKnight and gave him my deepest apologies, he is all good! I let the moment get the best of me, I truly am sorry & I understand that stepping in the ring is already a risk, congratulations to Stevie and his Win.”

Later that night, Demoor was sitting behind MMA legend Nate Diaz as they were watching the rest of the card, and it seemed like when Diaz realized DeMoor was behind him, he threw a bottle of water at DeMoor creating a scuffle and scene that would go viral.

Demoor would later tweet, “Nate Diaz decided to get mad and throw a prime bottle on me, that’s cute, bro @NateDiaz209 just next time don’t run. And stop spending your nights in the club trying to use your dried-up MMA career to pull college girls while you’re out in New Orleans.”

Netflix star Chase DeMoor called out Nate Diaz after he choked a man unconscious on the streets of New Orleans

DeMoor posted a video on Sunday after a viral street fight on Friday night which saw Diaz choke a Logan Paul lookalike unconscious.

“This message is for Nate Diaz and all his boys,” DeMoor said. “As you can see, you guys finally put some damage on me. I didn’t take any damage in any of my boxing matches, and you guys had to jump me in New Orleans. All of you guys who are in the UFC and MMA fighters, and I had to fight your whole team off. You and your crew are the softest boys. All those kids on your team, I don’t know how they’re in the UFC or how they have any sort of winning record, you guys have pillows for hands, soft toilet paper for hands. You guys are a bunch of wipes, and I can’t wait to watch Jake Paul unalive you August, whenever you guys are fighting because I’ll be there, and I’ll be there to handle all your goons too in case they get out of line.”

Later in the video, Demoor says, “You’re soft. Jake, handle my light work”. The Netflix star refers to the August 5 battle between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz in Dallas, TX. I don’t think we have seen the last of this beef between Demoor and Diaz, which may eventually lead to a fight later this year or early next year."

At press time, Diaz has not responded.

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