Netflix star Chase Demoor gets ready for Misfits Series 006

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Netflix Star Chase Demoor is preparing to face Steve Knight on the Misfits Series 006, which takes place on April 21 in New Orleans, LA.

 On April 21, Misfits Series 006 returns live on DAZN from the Xula Convocation Center in New Orleans, LA. This card will be filled with social media influencers and athletes, headlined by JMX facing former NLF running back Le’Veon Bell.

These influencers vs. athletes or influencer vs. influencer cards have seen success as it brings entertainment value to the fans who casually watch boxing and are not considered purists. One of the matchups features an athlete/social media influencer/reality TV star Chase Demoor facing social media influencer Steve Knight. 

The 26-year-old Demoor is what you would call a heartthrob, and he uses it to gain notoriety in different spaces, which is the smart way of doing it. Behind the looks is a man with a childhood that relates to a significant part of society but also someone who is driven and won’t allow anything to stop him from doing anything he wants to do. 

Demoor grew up in Seattle, Washington, and at ten, lost his father leaving him and his siblings to be raised by a single mother. Although that was tough to process, he made it work for him and enjoyed the things kids do, and that’s run around and get in trouble.

One thing he picked up early on was sports, and that ended up leading him to pursue it as he grew older. Demoor played football for the College of Siskiyous in Weed, CA, then transferred to Central Washington University in Kittitas County, WA. 

 Chase Demoor vs. Steve Knight will stream live on DAZN

After college, Demoor moved to Arizona, where he continued to pursue football. Demoor told FanSidedMMA, “I was training down there and playing football. This is all pre-TV show stuff. I was actually working at a Starbucks down there, so I was slingin Lattes and training to go to the league at the time. I was also signed to the CFL around that time as well.” Although he ended up playing for the Canadian Football League and other independent leagues, not the NFL, he still looks at it as a great experience. He is a free agent who hopes to get onto an NFL team someday.

While all this was happening, Demoor was on a show, Too Hot to Handle, and later on, the popular Netflix Show Perfect Match. If that wasn’t enough, Demoor decided to step into the boxing ring in October and face Cory Wharton. Although football is a brutal sport to see success, so is boxing in its own way. Even so, Demoor was up for the challenge but realized it was more than he initially anticipated.

“The process leading up to the fight was the most fun. It was a challenge to try and get down to weight and learn a whole new craft. You think it's the same because you grew up fighting or street fighting. You get in that ring; it’s you, him (opponent), and the referee. It’s not the same (laughs). When I stepped into the ring, and he flew across and threw that first punch, I thought, ‘I’m really in this thing.’ I would describe that experience as surreal and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It didn’t feel quick when I was fighting. A few minutes feels like 20 minutes in there (laughs). I’m crazy as I had a nose job like twelve days before, and I literally took off the cast and fought in that boxing match,” said the social media influencer.

Following that fight, Demoor stepped back into the ring the very next month, which was a mistake. During that fight against Josh Brueckner, Demoor had a moment where he was throwing punches like a man that has never been in a fight. It was a moment that caught social media fire and has been the subject of many memes.

When I brought that up to Demoor, he laughed and was a good sport about it. Demoor said, “Yea, I had a viral moment, but that was at the end of the second round; they cut off the whole fight (laughs). I was trying to get him out of there, but when you’re big and muscular, muscles take up a lot of oxygen. Once you get tired, it’s not so easy to put your hands up or throw those shots (laughs). We’ve definitely improved since then.”

Speaking of improvement, Demoor decided to bring on a whole new team as he felt it was necessary to improve his skills to continue to participate in these fights.

“I brought in a whole new coaching staff for this one. I was really looking to improve in this boxing scene and take this sport seriously like I would do with any sport I have played in. I actually drive 40 minutes to Long Beach, CA, and train at the Jack Rabbit Gym. Having all of those coaches and sparring people at the gym who are actual pros, you really pick up how to do this sport. We’ve been sparring 6-10 rounds. That was one of the biggest changes for this training camp.”

Demoor is facing Knight, who has never stepped into a boxing ring, so it’ll be interesting to see how he will look as Demoor has limited but more experience than him. Even so, Demoor wants to set the expectation level for their fight on April 21.

“I think it’s going to be a very predictable fight. The bell is going to ring, he is going to fly across and be tense, throw a lot of punches, and I’m just going to step back and let him do what I did in my first fight (laughs). Halfway through that second round, I’m going to start picking him apart. I’m going to get him outta there at the end of the second or start of the third (round).” 

Although there’s a thought that Demoor will move on to doing something else, he clarified that he is here to stay. Demoor said, “I have another TV show coming out later in the summer, and I signed a multi-fight deal with Misfits Boxing. As much as people hate to see it, this will not be my last time in a boxing ring.”

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