Michael Chandler should be worried about Conor McGregor's latest tweet

Michael Chandler has been waiting for Conor McGregor to be ready to fight him ... but will that ever happen?
Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Michael Chandler was promised a highly-coveted fight against Conor McGregor if he coaches alongside him for The Ultimate Fighter season 31.

Chandler went along with his end of the bargain but, so far, no fight has been made and it doesn't look like McGregor's any closer to the fight than he was when the deal was made.

On Monday, after days of calling out everyone except Chandler, he dropped a bit of an update alluding to the fight with Chandler no longer being on the table.

A fan asked McGregor why he wasn't interested in the Chandler fight, to which he replied, "I’ll do it if they want, no prob. I don’t think they want him no more tho. There’s loads of juicy fights around and my return date is my return date. I never gave a fuck about who it was. Ever. I’ll fight anyone. I’ll even fly them to me, ask malinaggi. Flown in and bet around."

This lines up with several deleted tweets over the weekend where he pushed the fight aside.

To his credit, and potentially his downfall, Chandler is sticking by the McGregor fight. Let's hope his wait literally pays off for him.

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