Michael Chandler: I'm 'not holding my breath' for December Conor McGregor fight

Michael Chandler doesn't think he's fighting Conor McGregor in December.
Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler
Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler / ESPN

On Tuesday night's last episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler faced off for their promised fight. But fans noticed there was no date announced, as many had hoped.

Last week McGregor said he'd be fighting in December, but without his re-entry into USADA, or an exemption, that won't be possible.

And Chandler isn't sure it's happening then either.

“It happening in December? I’m not holding my breath,” Chandler said on ESPN’s DC & RC. “But, you know I’m ready.”

Many assume the biggest hang-up in making the fight official is USADA. If McGregor isn't given the exemption he'll have to produce two clean tests over six months, which isn't possible for a fight in three months.

“That’s definitely one aspect of it, obviously,” Chandler said. “Is he training? I don’t know how much he’s training. We see him on boats more than we see him hitting bags. For me, you know I’m ready. You know I’m always staying in shape. I am 37 now so I’m trying to keep my diet a little bit more dialed in so I can stay a little bit more ripped, look like a professional athlete."

Even though Chandler isn't sure the fight happens in December, that's a date he's actually hoping for.

“You know (that) I’m ready tomorrow, but if it could happen by the end of the year, that would be phenomenal. But if it spills over into 2024, either way, the most exciting guy in the sport, myself, vs. the biggest star in the sport, and the greatest comeback in combat sports history, people are going to tune in and we’re going to put butts on seats.”

At press time, no official date has been announced.