Mark Hunt makes an insane claim about throwing fights (VIDEO)

Mark Hunt says he was offered an obscene amount of money to throw a fight.
Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt / Steve Marcus/GettyImages

Mark Hunt has never been one to keep quiet.

The former UFC heavyweight has gone to battle with the UFC, in court and on social media over the claim he's made that the promotion was aware his UFC 200 opponent Brock Lesnar was on steroids but let him fight anyway. So far, all of Hunt's legal attempts to hold the UFC accountable have failed.

Now, he's make a new claim, unrelated to the UFC.

Hunt says he was "recently" offered seven figures to throw a fight, he didn't accept the proposal, he says.

“I’ve always been one that says if things aren’t right, they aren’t right,” Hunt said. “I was offered three or four million dollars to take a dive in a fight here in Australia and I said, ‘Are you serious?’ I said no because that’s just not me. Although I could have done with the money, I was going through some hard times with the separation and s***, but I could have done with three or four million dollars. It’s just not my character. It’s not me. I’d rather just go out on my shield and then lose or die, but that’s not what I’m about.”

He didn't reveal who offered or what kind of fight, but he's been dabbling in boxing since retiring from MMA.

“It is [the first time I’d been asked to do that], it blew my f****** mind,” Hunt said. “It blew my f****** head right off my f****** shoulders. I’m just like, ‘Holy s***, how does it work?’ Anyway, I just left it in the past, it’s kind of negative s***, but it’s real. I didn’t come upon that until then.”

Mark Hunt calls out Jake Paul for a BKFC fight

Hunt also took the opportunity to announce he's been in talks with Bare Knuckle FC, to compete for the promotion in 2024. He even has an opponent in mind ... Jake Paul.

“I actually like what he’s done. He’s actually done a lot of good things for himself and for fighting. If he can sell out stadiums as being a YouTuber, so I have respect for that, but as skill level goes, I don’t think so, to be honest. But who knows what the future holds?”


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