The latest Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler update is going to piss you off

  • Dana White gives a new update on McGregor vs. Chandler
  • It doesn't look like the fight will happen when we thought
  • McGregor is getting frustrated
Michael Chandler vs. Conor McGregor
Michael Chandler vs. Conor McGregor / UFC

We are no closer to a Conor McGregor fight than we were two years ago.

According to UFC president Dana White, the fight between McGregor and Michael Chandler is still not booked, and may not happen until the Fall.

"Eventually. Hopefully this year. I'm hoping for the fall," he said on the Pat McAfee Show on Super Bowl Radio Row on Wednesday.

McGregor had teased the fight would take place at International Fight Week on June 29, but White had debunked those rumors several times.

Some fans had even hoped they could be booked for the still unannounced UFC 300 main event but that doesn't seem to the case, unless White is pulling the ultimate troll on us all.

McGregor took to Instagram to vent his frustrations with the long layoff writing, "Get this f***ing date set."

White had previously warned fans not to be fooled by McGregor or Chandler agreeing to fight dates or terms. "When Conor is ready to fight, you know we'll announce it. That's what we'll do," White said.

McGregor hasn't fought since he broke his leg fighting Dustin Poirier in 2021. Chandler hasn't fought since he lost to the same opponent in 2022.

At this point, Chandler is just remaining as patient as he can be.

“I’m not going to lie to you and say there weren’t moments of frustration. Moments of, ‘Screw it, fight somebody else!’ That’s what everybody was saying I should do for months now," Chandler told MMA Fighting in January. “But I signed my name to this contract, made this commitment. I want to fight Conor. He wants to fight me. It’s just not on everybody’s timeline.”


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