Is Dick's open on Christmas Eve?

Dick's Sporting Goods Christmas Eve opening hours.

Dick's Sporting Goods Posts Strong Earnings After Robust Holiday Period
Dick's Sporting Goods Posts Strong Earnings After Robust Holiday Period / Brandon Bell/GettyImages

Dick's, or Dick's Sporting Goods to give the chain its proper title, is the USA's favorite goods store. With over 850 locations, it is common for many a gift to be purchased for Christmas, with the classic MLB baseball and bat set, or a new NBA-approved basketball being the highlight of the festive period for generations thus far.

But what about us MMA fans?

Are there any UFC-related gifts we can grab our loved ones in a last-minute panic, a trait that is apparently common in MMA fans.

In more recent years, MMA fans have flocked to get their sparring gloves and shinpads, ready to be a part of the huge influx of new gym members that flood into MMA gyms across the world every January.

There is a huge selection of official UFC-branded merchandise, as well as punchbags and safety gear, Dick's has everything you need to make the change from fan to fighter, and with the launch of the new UFC Venum Adrenalin fight kits, there are sure to be plenty of you out there keen to check out what's in store.

So it comes as no surprise that Dick's are ever popular for last-minute presents, with aunties and uncles scrambling on Christmas Eve to grab something for unexpected relatives. The good news is, that most of Dick's Sporting Goods across America will be open to take care of the problem.

Dick's Christmas Eve store hours

The most commonly reported times for Dec. 24th, or Christmas Eve is 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., although other sites report it as simply limited hours.

On Christmas itself, the store will be closed, meaning Christmas Eve will be your last chance to get those sports-related gifts.

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