MMA fans are the 'most stressed' sports fans, survey finds

MMA fans are a highly-stressed group of people and that's not even that big of a surprise to us.
MMA fans
MMA fans / NIKLAS HALLE'N/GettyImages

We aren't surprised motherf*ckers!

According to a survey done by The Grueling Truth, MMA fans are in the top 10 of the most stressed sports fans and, honestly, it's not hard to see why.

According to the survey, which ranks stress level on a scale of 1-10, MMA fans are a 5.1, ranked ab ove cycling, auto racing and golf fans but below baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, football and soccer. Who knew tennis was that stressful, right?

The survey also revealed that Idaho, Utah, Louisiana and West Virgina were the most stressed out states.

More data showed that the stress level is pretty much the same wether you are watching a fight alone or with friends but that 32 percent of you heathens "shout, cheer or yell at the TV" when you are stress out.

The funniest tidbit was that more people are strssed out by family gatherings than they are at MMA fights, which kinda checks out. Holidays with the family can be rough for a lot of us.

This survey checks out because just this year alone we've had some of the biggest upsets, heartbreaking injuries, last-minute fight changes and we're all holding our breath to learn what's going to happen with Bellator.

Being an MMA fan is not easy, but it turns out it could be a lot worse.

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