Every UFC retirement in 2023 [UPDATED]

Here's a running list of every UFC fighter who has retired in 2023 so far.
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Carlos Candelario

Carlos Candelario is a blip on the radar of most UFC fans due to his short tenure and lackluster showing, but he announced his retirement via a story on Facebook.

“I get asked almost every day when my next fight is,” Candelario wrote. “After months of reflecting, the team & I made the decision to retire. It (has) been a great long journey but I’ve been feeling like this for years. Now it time to put my attention onto other things that I’m passionate about. Appreciate the (love) so much. The train is not stopping, I’m just on different tracks now. God bless ya.”

Chan Sung Jung

Chan Sung Jung had one of the most moving and emotional retirements in recent memory. In his swansong, "The Korean Zombie" lost to Max Holloway but left the Octagon with the crowd singing his walk-out song as he left the arena.

In tears, he embraced his wife and felt the love one last time.

“I’m going to stop fighting,” Jung said in the cage at UFC Singapore in August. “I always aimed to be a champion when I first started the sport. I’m not here to be ranked third, fourth or fifth. I tried my absolute best to prepare for Max Holloway. I really believed I could beat him. But I ended up failing, so I don’t think I have the opportunity anymore. So I think I’m going to stop fighting.”