Did Michael ‘Venom’ Page sign with the PFL?

Michael ‘Venom’ Page did a face-off with Cedric Doumbe during the PFL European Finals.
Cedric Doumbe and Michael Venom Page
Cedric Doumbe and Michael Venom Page / PFL

On Friday, during the PFL European Championships, free agent Michael "Venom" Page entered the PFL Smart Cage for a face-off with their rising French star, Cedric Doumbe.

While in the cage Page said, “We’ll see what happens in the future" in regards to the fight and MMA Twitter went absolutely bonkers with speculation. Some going even so far as saying that the face-off was the official announcement of his signing.

But rest assured, nothing is official yet.

Just last month we were all freaking out over the fact that a fight between him and Kevin Holland was rumored for UFC 297. That was debunked by Holland himself, so we've already seen how wild the imagination can be.

Fighters coming into the cage or the ring to do a face-off isn't all that new. Conor McGregor did it at Bare Knuckle earlier this year and Jon Jones did one (outside the cage) at PFL earlier this year too. Nether of those men were making any announcement. It's just for a photo opportunity and to build the news, and it worked.

“Can I see myself there? 100 percent,” Page told FREESTYLEBENDER of joining UFC back in August. “I want Top 5, Top 10 max. I don’t feel like I need to prove myself all over again,” he continued. “I just want to go in there ... and we’ve seen it with Michael Chandler. He went in there, fought a top 10 Dan Hooker, great first win for him that just sprung him into title contention. That is the route I see myself in. I don’t see it in any other way. I don’t need a warm-up fight, and it’s not like I’ve been out of the game for ages. I’m ready to go now.”

This is not to say that it couldn't happen, because he is still a free agent, as far as we know and there are some interesting match-ups in the PFL. We'll just have to wait and see where he lands.

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