Dana White claims Power Slap reel is bigger than Taylor Swift and he's right (Photo)

Dana White may have some angry Taylor Swift fans coming after Power Slap after his latest claim.

Power Slap at UFC APEX
Power Slap at UFC APEX / Power Slap

UFC president Dana White is on a campaign to show how popular Power Slap is on social media. His latest claim is that a recent Power Slap reel has gotten more views than any Taylor Swift reel.

"136M! In case you're wondering, this reel from Power Slap has more views than any reel Taylor Swift has ever posted," White wrote on his Instagram stories.

The reel is of the first-ever women's Power Slap match between Franciska Szabo (Sheena Bathory) and Christine Wolmarans. In the clip, Wolmarans slaps Bathory and she blows a kiss after she isn't knocked out. At press time, the video had 137 million views.

A quick glance at Swift's instagram proves that White is right. Swift's highest viewed reel is sitting at 90 million at press time and is a montage of her Era's Tour.

Swift has 277 million followers, Power Slap has just 2.2 million.

Some have criticized the UFC and Power Slap for sharing viewers with collaborations, but this particular Power Slap reel is only being shared on the Power Slap Instagram account

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