Conor McGregor teases big New Years Day announcement

Conor McGregor says he'll announce his next fight on January 1.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor / Joe Maher/GettyImages

Everyone has been on pins and needles waiting to find out when Conor McGregor will fight again and if he'll be fighting Michael Chandler as planned.

And if we believe McGregor (we really want to) he'll be revealing those exact details very soon.

"I will be announcing my fight date and opponent on New Years Day, 2024," he tweeted.

He followed that tweet up with, "The Greatest Comeback in Sports History."

Many fans had hoped McGregor might headline UFC 300, perhaps against someone like Nate Diaz. And we are trying so hard not to get excited because more often than not, McGregor is all talk.

The way Michael Chandler has been tweeting, it doesn't seem like he's close to announcing a fight, and that's worrisome. Either McGregor has moved on to someone else (possible) or McGregor isn't really going to making an announcement (even more possible.

"Imagine saying it, “the greatest comeback in combat sports history” and then doing a whole sham of a documentary about it, and then never coming back. McGregor FORGOTTEN," Chandler tweeted.

He also tweeted about the meeting between McGregor and UFC president Dana White.

"I heard there was a meeting in Abu Dhabi or Dubai tonight…hopefully Dana can convince [Conor McGregor] to be a man of his word…but we all make claims we can’t back up at times…it’s human nature…I don’t fault him for it."

Needless to say, we're all going to be watching McGregor's accounts on Jan. 1.

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