Bryce Mitchell's latest conspiracy theory is the funniest one yet

Bryce Mitchell thinks illegal immigrants are forming an army to overthrow America.
Bryce Mitchell
Bryce Mitchell / Handout/GettyImages

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell has often had some head-scratching conspiracy theories. He's on the team "Earth is flat" and he is an ultimate patriot. But his latest thoughts on immigration may be some of his wackiest ideas yet.

Over Christmas, Mitchell announced he'd received 400 rounds of ammunition and said, "im lettin all my allies know we r prepared to fite and die for our freedom! itd b my greatest honor to die next to yall patriots, fitin this tyranny. the system is rigged. im prepared physically mentally and spiritually for 1776 to commence again!! And i knothere are millions of yall,we will have to stand together to fite this evil. Who will fite with me!? who else has NO fear!?"

Now he's revealed who he think he needs to be fighting ... illegal immigrants.

“So I saw a video this morning of a politician, he was complaining about these millions and millions of immigrants coming over the border. I know he was a politician because he was wearing a suit and tie and in some sort of courtroom. Yelling he says these people are going to rig an election to vote against us, all these immigrants are going to vote democrat and that’s how this country is going to fall," Mitchell said on Instagram.

Bryce Mitchell thinks 'common sense' tells him immigrants are building an army in the United States

Mitchell thinks the illegal immigrants are not coming to America to righ the election, but to rather form an army.

He continued, “Well buddy, I’m here to tell you that would be nice if that’s all these immigrants are going to do. You’re living in a fairytale. They’ve already rigged an election and it’s got nothing to do with immigrants. Let me tell you that it is an army amassing. That is not to rig an election. That can be done easily with electronics. They’re bring millions of people here to form an army. I don’t give a damm if anyone thinks I’m right or wrong, I’m just telling you what my common sense tells me.”

Mitchell also pointed his anger at "pedophiles are running round in broad day lite" and warned that "I am aware of their plots. Their plots will all fail."

Let's all keep an eye on Mitchell, just to be safe.


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