LOOK: Bryce Mitchell says he's preparing for '1776 to commence again'

Bryce Mitchell got a buttload of ammo for Christmas.

Bryce Mitchell
Bryce Mitchell / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

Bryce Mitchell is preparing for civil war.

According to a recent Instagram post, Mitchell received an obscene amount of ammunition for Christmas and he knows exactly what he wants to do with it.

“My amazing wife got me the one thing I wanted for Christmas: 400 rounds of 30-06,” Mitchell wrote on Instagram. “I’m not braggin. I’m lettin all my allies know we r prepared to fite and die for our freedom! itd b my greatest honor to die next to yall patriots, fitin this tyranny. the system is rigged. im prepared physically mentally and spiritually for 1776 to commence again!! And I kno there are millions of yall, we will have to stand together to fite this evil. Who will fite with me!? who else has NO fear!?”

The comments of the post triggered Mitchell further and he followed it up with this: "look at the hate in these comments. thats the hate that destroys a nation. if we would love eachother and worship God we would b strong again. but these comments will do nuthin wen the war starts. these comments will only make my aim more steady, and my will stronger"

Some of those comments were poking fun at Mitchell and his conspiracy theories.

"brotha you need to chill out. it aint that serious foo go outside and shoot sum rounds and youll feel better," someone replied.

Another person said, "Nothing like wishing for violence for the holidays."

Mitchell and his actions have caused uproars before, this is nothing new. He brought a bible into the Octagon this year and tried to pray in his post-fight speech. He also believe the earth is flat, among other controversial ideas.

Mitchell is coming off a brutal knockout at UFC 296 where he was seen having what looked like a seizure as he lay on the canvas.

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