BKFC fighter attacks referee, no ring girls in Saudi Arabia, Ilia Topuria goes off on Conor McGregor

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Ilia Topuria
Ilia Topuria / Patricia J. Garcinuno/GettyImages

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Watch BKFC fighter Keith Richardson instinctively fight referee after TKO

THE NEWS: On Friday night at BKFC 62, the referee stepped in to stop the fight between Keith Richardson and Alberto Blas. Richardson was so dazed from the TKO that he instinctively tried to fight the referee and it took several men to break them apart.

MY THOUGHTS: These kinds of things are more common than you think. It's more often stopped immediately though and this seemed to go longer than normal. But Richardson shouldn't feel bad about it, he was just doing what his body was trained to do.

The UFC Octagon girls aren't in Saudi Arabia

THE NEWS: Eagle-eyed fans noticed that there were no Octagon girls present for the UFC Saudi Arabia ceremonial weigh-ins.

MY THOUGHTS: I don't have a lot of opinions about the Octagon girls, they don't affect the fights so I don't pay a ton of attention to what's going on in that world. That said, I think women should be allowed to do whatever they want and if the Saudis banned them from coming, that's not ok in my book. We already know that women's MMA is allowed in Saudi Arabia, so we may want to wait and see why they aren't there before making a big stand. Perhaps they'll be at the fights tonight? We'll see.

Ilia Topuria goes off on Conor McGregor

THE NEWS: UFC featherweight champion Ilia Topuria went off on Conor McGregor after he revealed he'd withdrawn from UFC 303 due to a broken toe. "You are mentally broken," he wrote. "That is your biggest lesson. You doubt yourself, your abilities, your preparation, that's why you don't show up. You are a b**ch."

MY THOUGHTS: Topuria is wrong here. No fighter should be forced to fight at anything but 100 percent (I talk about it at length here). I think Topuria is just trying to drum up excitement for a potential fight between him and McGregor as he's been calling him out for years now.