Ayjay Hintz Power Slap record, bio & stats

Everything you need to know about Ayjay "Static" Hintz, a Power Slap star.
Ayjay Hintz
Ayjay Hintz / Power Slap

Ayjay "Static" Hintz was one of the first big homegrown stars to come from Dana White's Power Slap. If you are a fan of the new promotion, you already know all about Hintz.

He was first endeared to fans when he credited his life in mosh pits to giving him the best base for slap fighting. He also raised eyebrows when he revealed he does zero training for competition. He was also one of the first competitors on the Road to the Title show who had no slap fighting experience. He found his way to the opportunity when his brother alerted him to the auditions.

"I'm still not training, absolutely nothing," said Hintz at a pre-fight event press conference. That lack of training paid off for him as he won the first-ever Power Slap light heavyweight title.

Hintz also appeared on the first season of the reality show which earned him that first title shot. "I’d have to say the biggest takeaway [from the reality TV show experience] for me is that this s**t is mad enjoyable and fun to do. The fighting, the filming, all of it," he said before Power Slap 1.

Hintz became champion when he defeated a veteran of the sport, Vernon "The Mechanic" Cathey at Power Slap 1, he would go on to dominate after that.

In MMA we credit those who competed in UFC 1 as the pioneers of the sport. Hintz will be the one fans will credit with helping to shape Power Slap.

And the rest is history.

Ayjay Hintz official Power Slap record

  • Ayjay Hintz vs. Vernon Cathey - Power Slap 1 - March 11, 2023 - Hintz defeated Cathey via knockout - Won the inaugural light heavyweight title
  • Ayjay Hintz vs. Russel “Kainoa” Rivero - Power Slap 2 - May 24, 2023- Hintz defeated Rivero via disqualification (stepping) - defended the light heavyweight title
  • Ayjay Hintz vs. Ron "Wolverine" Bata (MAIN EVENT) - Power Slap 3 - July 7, 2023 - Bata defeated Hintz via unanimous decision - lost the light heavyweight title - Bata becomes the first striker to win a championship in two weight classes.
  • Ayjay Hintz vs. Austin "Turp Daddy Slim" Turpin (MAIN EVENT) Power Slap 4 - August 9, 2023 - Turpin defeated Hintz via knockout

Ayjay Hintz stats

Hintz fights out of Milwaukee, WI and fights in the light heavyweight division. He stands at 5 feet 8 inches. He strikes with his right hand and has a 19 cm hand width. His human force is registered at 33,908 and has a peak velocity of 8.05 mps. His average neck force is 469 N.