Everything you need to know about Dana White's Power Slap 1

Power Slap 1 poster
Power Slap 1 poster / UFC

Dana White's Power Slap fight card, start time, channel guide.

The controversial slap fighting sporting event, Power Slap, is getting its first full-fledged event.

On Saturday, March 11 the UFC will host a fight night card in the morning at the Virgin Hotel, directly followed by the first open event at the UFC APEX.

The event will feature four title fights for the heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight and welterweight titles. There will be nine other matches on the card, as well.

In case you are new to slap-fighting, here are the slap-fighting rules as observed by Power Slap which is fully regulated and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Here's what you need to know about Power Slap 1.

Dana White's Power Slap 1 fight card

  1. Darius “The Destroyer” Mata-Varona (1) vs. Ron “Wolverine” Bata (2) (Heavyweight Title Match)
  2. Vernon “The Mechanic” Cathey (1) vs. Ayjay “Static” Hintz (2) ( Light Heavyweight Title Match)
  3. John “The Machine” Davis (1) vs. Azael “El Perro” Rodriguez (2) (Middleweight Championship Match)
  4. Christapher “KO Chris” Thomas (1) vs. Jesus Gaspar Diaz (3) (Welterweight Championship Match)
  5. Damien “The Bell” Dibbell (3) vs. Duane “Iron Giant” Crespo (4) (Heavyweight Match)
  6. Michael “Slap Jesus” Smith (2) vs. Waylon “Ice Cold” Frost (4) (Welterweight Match)
  7. Emanuel “No Love” Muniz (3) vs. Wesley “All the Smoke” Drain (4) (Middleweight Match)
  8. Russell “Kainoa” Rivero (4) vs. Isaih “Pretty Boy” Quinones (6) (Light Heavyweight Match)
  9. Frank “The Tank” Holland (6) vs. Dorian “Disturbing the Peace” Perez (7) (Heavyweight Match)
  10. Alex “Anax Religion” Asbury (5) vs. Paul “Ninja Turtle” Teague (7) (Welterweight Match)
  11. Dayne “The Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes vs. Robert “El Texicano Loco” Ricondo (Super Heavyweight Match)
  12. Rese “One Punch” Archer (6) vs. Travis “Tenacious” Aragon (9) (Middleweight Match)
  13. Jewel “Kidd Diamond” Scott (1) vs. Robert “The Real Deal” Trujillo (2) (Lightweight Match)

How to watch Dana White's Power Slap 1

* What: Power Slap 1: “Darius The Destroyer” vs. “Wolverine”
* Time: 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT
* Channel: Rumble
* Cost: Free
* Venue: UFC APEX, Las Vegas

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