Austin 'Turp Daddy Slim' Turpin Power Slap record, bio & stats

Everything you need to know about Austin 'Turp Daddy Slim' Turpin, a striker signed to Power Slap.
Austin Turpin
Austin Turpin / Power Slap

Austin 'Turp Daddy Slim' Turpin is one of the biggest personalities in Power Slap right now. He's got a wild and brash persona that has endeared him to viewers and made enemies of his opponent. He's loud and in charge everywhere he goes and is never lost in the shuffle.

He's currently the No. 1 ranked light heavyweight and gearing up to make another appearance at Power Slap 8 on June 28. He has long-standing feuds with most of his former opponents but none more than with Ron "Wolverine" Bata which stems all the way back to the first season of Power Slap: Road to the Title.

“He didn’t get a focused Turp Daddy Slim, so now he’s going to get the f—–the real deal raw dog f—- straight out the f—- pound. Something mean he can’t handle. He felt a little bit of me a couple of months back and was damn near f—– put on his a–," he said ahead of their rematch at Power Slap 7. “I didn’t even hit him really the first three strikes and then I sent him on the f— trust fall on the last two. So really, I’m f—- pumped and ready for April 12th.”

Turpin and Bata competed twice. First at Power Slap 5 where Bata put his title on the line. Bata won the match via decision and Turpin was granted a controversial rematch at Power Slap 7. Turpin failed to make weight and therefore was ineligible to win the title. He ended up knocking out Bata but Bata retained his title.

“In no sport that I can remember, UFC, boxing, nothing, number one contender loses and immediately gets a rematch. Usually, that’s saved for the champion to get an immediate rematch against the number one contender if he had lost," Bata said before their match. “So for him to get the immediate rematch, yeah, it’s kind of aggravating, but hoping to win again, and then I’ll just shut him down. And, I mean, you lose twice in a row to the champion. You’re pretty much done for a while until either I step down or until I lose the belt.”

Austin Turpin official Power Slap record





Cody Cox

Power Slap 1

Win - DEC

Bryan Dozier

Power Slap 2

Win - KO - RD 1

Alan Klingbeil

Power Slap 3

Win - KO - RD 1

Ron Bata

Power Slap 5

Loss - DEC

Title fight

Ron Bata

Power Slap 7

Win - KO - RD 5

Missed weight, ineligible for title

Veron Cathey

Power Slap 8


Austin Turpin official Power Slap stats

According to Austin Turpin's official Power Slap profile, he stands at 6'0" and weighs 205 pounds. He strikes with his right hand and, at the time of this writing, has four knockouts on his record. You can follow him on Instagram right here.