3 storylines you need to know before Power Slap 7

  • Ayjay 'Static' Hintz returns
  • Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin rematch
  • Can Chris Thomas rebound?
Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin
Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin / Power Slap

Dana White's Power Slap is still in its infancy and there's a lot that new fans still need to learn about the promotion and the fast-rising contact event. The basic rules of Power Slap can be found here but be sure to watch the rules on the broadcast as well because they do get updated as the sport ages.

The seventh live event goes down in Las Vegas on April 12, just one day before UFC 300. And for those who are new and watching it for the first time, this is a helpful cheat sheet for what to watch for and why you should care about the event.

Here are three of the biggest storylines to know ahead of Power Slap 7.

1. Ayjay 'Static' Hintz returns

When Power Slap first started Ayjay "Static" Hintz seemed to be the front runner for the face of the promotion. He has a wild sense of style, a no-training philosophy, and a personality many gravitated towards. So when he became champion no one was shocked. Unfortunately, his reign was a bit tainted.

In Hintz's first official match, he won the Inaugural light heavyweight title and then defended it one event later. In his third appearance, he lost his title to Ron Bata who became the first-ever two-division champion. He lost his fourth appearance and hasn't been seen since.

He makes his return, his first match since August 2023 and will undoubtedly be ready to prove he still deserves a spot at the top. He faces Azael “El Perro” Rodriguez at middleweight.

Austin Turpin
Austin Turpin / Rumble

2. Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin rematch

Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin happened already. In fact, it was the last match for both competitors. That's why this storyline is extra juicy. The champion, Bata, defeated Turpin and gave him the injuries shown above. The match went the full five brutal rounds and we're going to get a chance to see it again. Bata isn't happy that Turpin is getting a rematch off a loss without working his way up the ladder again. He even told us he considers Turpin an "arrogant asshole" to which Turpin called him a "crybaby." This one is going to get ugly.

3. Can Chris Thomas rebound?

"KO" Chris Thomas was the welterweight champion up until Power Slap 6. The former champion lost his title to Emanuel "No Love" Muniz via judge's decision. He'll come back at Power Slap 7 for his first non-title bout since winning the title. He'll look to prove he can be champion again. Don't blink.


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