3 things PFL vs. Bellator got right, and 1 they got wrong

  • PFL vs. Bellator is in the books and overall it was a success
  • Overall, the PFL found success on many fronts
  • But there were some things they can work on for the next event
2024 PFL vs Bellator
2024 PFL vs Bellator / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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PFL vs. Bellator, a pitting of two promotions' biggest names, took place on Feb. 24 in Saudi Arabia. The event was met with overwhelming success ... if you were rooting for Bellator.

Of the six PFL vs. Bellator fights, five were won by Bellator fighters. Renan Ferreira was the only PFL champion to win on Saturday. Of the five Bellator wins, AJ McKee, Yoel Romero, Vadim Nemkov, Jason Jackson and Johnny Eblen all had their hands raised. Jackson and Eblen were also awarded Super Champion titles complete with a blinged-out belt and ring.

Here are three things PFL vs. Bellator did right and one thing that should be improved on for next time.

1. Right: Matchmaking

Even though it was a near-sweep for Bellator the fights were fantastic. Whoever made the fights had excitement in mind and that delivered. Only two of the main card fights went to decision and both were spectacular fights. It's not hard to make great fights when you have two incredible rosters to work with,

2. Right: Location, location, location

At first, I wasn't happy to see the fights were heading to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Mostly for selfish reasons, I couldn't attend the fights in person. But now that the event is over, it was the right decision. Riyadh is slowly becoming the location for all the biggest and best fights and PFL is the first major MMA promotion to host a big card there. It added an extra special element to make it a big card feel.

Also, that outdoor venue was a thing of beauty :chefs kiss: