3 spectacular moments at UFC Vegas 91 you probably missed (VIDEO)

UFC Vegas 91 didn't look all that great on paper but it turned out to be a pretty good night anyway.
Alex Perez
Alex Perez /

UFC fans were not excited about the line-up for UFC Vegas 91. In fact, many were so put off by the lack of stars that they threatened to boycott the event altogether. Any card following UFC 300 was going to look shabby in comparison to the event and UFC Vegas 91 wasn't anything to write home about but there were several moments on the card you need to see if you didn't tune in to the event.

1. Alex Perex crumpled Matheus Nicolau

The main event bout between Alex Perez and Matheus Nicolau looked kind of atrocious. Perez hadn't won a single fight since UFC 250 in 2020 and had nine fights fall through in three years. Nicolau was coming off a loss. Two fighters coming off losses in the main event don't usually bode well for the fans.

But boy were we wrong. After an intense back-and-forth in the first round, Perez came out in the second and demolished Nicolau crumpling him with a nasty knockout to end the fight.

Perez says the victory served as a warning for the rest of the flyweights, and he praised the people around him for sticking by him through tough times.

“Honestly, because all my friends always call me ‘Pillow Hands’. Now they can’t call me that no more,” Perez said in his post-fight interview. “My buddy was calling me ‘ASP,’ Alex ‘Sleeping Pill’ Perez. Not because I was putting people to sleep. But because I was putting him to sleep every time he would commentate my fights because I’d just take the guy down. It just shows that I’m evolving. Obviously, the footwork was a little different. I have some stuff that I’ve been working on that I haven’t been able to show. … But it showed off tonight. We’re going to keep working and going from there.”

2. Charly Arnolt made unexpected history

A bit of non-fight news happened at UFC Vegas 91. Charly Arnolt, who was serving as the on site reporter for UFC Vegas 91, stepped in on a moments notice to acts as the Octagon announcer.

Joe Martinez was battling a cold and his voice gave out mid-show and Arnolt stepped in to announce for several fight before Martinez was able to get his voice back. "... to be honest, I almost said no to doing the announcements. I almost said no, and now I’ve made history, that is so f**king cool!” she wrote on Instagram after the event was over.

Arnolt made history by being the first woman to announce a UFC Fight Night event. Laura Sanko has held the honor as being the first to call a DWCS fight. Arnolt may have just found herself a new gig.

3. A new top contender was born in Bogdan Guskov

Bogdan Guskov is proving he's much more than just an Anothony Smith lookalike. The UFC light heavyweight fought in the co-main event of the night alongside Ryan Spann. After a difficult first round, Guskov came back in the second to deliver a brutal TKO finish of Spann. The win will likely put him into the rankings at 205 come net week.

This card, and pretty much every other card fans complain about, prove that you should watch each and ever fight and form opinions after the event concludes. Just as many fights that look great on paper are duds and vice versa. Give every fight a proper chance.


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