UFC's Charly Arnolt leaves ESPN citing cancel culture: 'I was a little bit stifled'

Charly Arnolt
Charly Arnolt / ESPN

Charly Arnolt has left ESPN for right-wing news organization OutKick saying cancel culture doesn't exist there.

Charly Arnolt, who fans may recognize from UFC broadcasts, has left ESPN citing cancel culture.

According to IndyStar, who spoke with Arnolt shortly after it was announced she'd joined OutKick, Arnolt left ESPN to find a space where she could speak out freely.

"It feels like I was a little bit stifled in the past," said Arnolt. "People are too scared to speak up for the fear of being called politically incorrect. The idea of cancel culture, it doesn’t exist here. I speak freely."

Arnolt was with ESPN for five years, two years of which she was under a full time contract. She doesn't say exactly what she was told not to say, or what she intends to speak about at OutKick.

"I have a lot of opinions that I haven’t been able to express, and I can’t wait to get started."

OutKick founder, Clay Travis, announced the news saying, "She's leaving ESPN so she can actually say what she thinks."

"There are a lot of issues people refuse to remain unbiased about because of the network they're on," Arnolt said. "I'm not going to put a stamp on my political beliefs. I think a lot of what OutKick does best is they approach everything from a common sense standpoint and that is where I stand."

OutKick says Arnolt will be featured across many platforms and already appeared on Fox News speaking about trans athletes in women's sports.

Arnolt will still work with the UFC, just not through ESPN.

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