There are 3 major things missing from Conor McGregor's first statement

Conor McGregor's first statement left something to be desired.
Conor McGregor'
Conor McGregor' / Manoli Figetakis/GettyImages

On Saturday, June 15, former UFC double champion Conor McGregor released the first statement since news of his injury and subsequent withdrawal from the event was announced. McGregor took to his social media channels and shared the following message.

"Very tough to be ruled out of my scheduled return bout," he wrote. "I picked up an injury prior to the press conference that required more time to heal than was available to me. The decision to postpone the fight was not made lightly, but one made in consultation with my doctors, the UFC, and my team. My fans and opponent deserve me at my best for this fight and we will get there! Thank you for the messages of support, I am in good spirits and confident I’ll be back!"

The problem with that statement is several things and we'll break them down for you. Here are three things we think McGregor should have included in his apology.

1. An apology to the fans

McGregor issued an apology to the fans when the UFC 303 pre-fight press conference was canceled but there was no apology to the fans who are going to miss out on seeing him fight. There are droves of fans who invested thousands of dollars in flights, hotels, and UFC 303 tickets they will be out a lot of that money. Many of those fans are coming from Ireland and are now scrambling to get refunds or sell their tickets, for a lot less than they paid. McGregor has always been incredible to his fans, but he owed them an apology or, at the very least, an acknowledgment in his first statement.

2. Injury details

McGregor doesn't owe us much but considering the whirlwind up and down the fans experienced over the last few weeks, we deserve more details. We'd love to know the nature of the injury, how it happened, and a timeline of return. But even one of those details would have been more than what we got. We already knew he was out due to an injury, but we want to know more. I understand he may not want to reveal it, in case they plan to fight him soon, but then say that. We'd understand. Keeping us in the dark is not going to make these easier.

3. An apology to Michael Chandler

No one is more sh*t out of luck in this scenario than McGregor's opponent, Michael Chandler. He's been sitting, incredibly patiently, on the sidelines for more than a year for this fight. His career may be irreparably damaged during this time. We hope that McGregor reached out behind the scenes because no one deserves more than Chandler.