A timeline of Conor McGregor’s criminal history [UPDATED October 2023]

Conor McGregor has been in trouble with the law on several different occasions, here is a running list of his alleged crimes.
Conor McGregor Mug Shot
Conor McGregor Mug Shot / Kypros/GettyImages
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March 2021 – Conor McGregor arrested for reckless driving

According to the Irish Independent, McGregor was arrested and had his Bentley temporarily seized for reckless driving.

“Mr. McGregor was driving to the gym when he was stopped by Gardai for alleged road traffic violations. He passed the drug and alcohol tests taken at the station,” McGregor spokesperson Karen Kessler said, per Marc Raimondi of ESPN.

He was charged with six crimes including, “two counts of dangerous driving, driving without a license, failure to produce a license, driving without insurance, and failure to produce insurance.”