A timeline of Conor McGregor’s criminal history [UPDATED October 2023]

Conor McGregor has been in trouble with the law on several different occasions, here is a running list of his alleged crimes.
Conor McGregor Mug Shot
Conor McGregor Mug Shot / Kypros/GettyImages
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Jan. 2019 – The first alleged sexual assault charge

In January law enforcement in Ireland began an investigation naming a “well-known Irish sports star” as a suspect of a rape. Because of the privacy laws in the country, the name of the man was not released, but in March The New York Times confirmed that it was McGregor that the allegations were against.

According to the reports, McGregor was arrested but not charged in January. McGregor was released by officials after questioning. Shortly after this, McGregor announced his retirement from MMA. That retirement has been filled with promises of his return and a number of call-outs. Although with all his ongoing criminal activity a return could be unlikely. This investigation has been ongoing and since then McGrgeo has been named in another sexual assault case.