A timeline of Conor McGregor’s criminal history [UPDATED October 2023]

Conor McGregor has been in trouble with the law on several different occasions, here is a running list of his alleged crimes.
Conor McGregor Mug Shot
Conor McGregor Mug Shot / Kypros/GettyImages
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Aug. 2019 – Conor McGregor arrested in Miami for damaging phone

In March, McGregor was vacationing with family in South Florida, when he was arrested for gabbing and smashing a fan’s cell phone. McGregor was charged with one count of strong-armed robbery and one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief. There was also a civil case against Mcgregor regarding in incident.

McGregor’s legal team released this statement following the altercation that thanked the police department for response and agreed to be fully cooperative.

McGregor was released on a posted a $12,500 bond. The charges were ultimately dropped and the civil lawsuit was thrown out as well.