Watch teenager KO his opponent after losing wrestling match (VIDEO)


A violent moment during a high school wrestling competition was caught on video.

A new viral video is making its rounds on MMA Twitter and this one involves what appears to be a high school wrestling event.

In the video two boys, likely around 14-16 years old are at the tail end of a wrestling match. The boy in orange appears to be the winner and gets his hand raised by the referee. But within seconds the boy in blue clocks him right on the face and he falls to the mats.

'Banned forever' MMA Twitter reacts to unsportsmanlike conduct at high school wrestling event

The referee immediately pulls the boy in blue off the mats and is helped by another adult who looks on in horror. Others rush to the aid of the boy who was struck.

Its unclear where this happened or what ended up happening to the boys but Twitter had their thoughts about what should happen to him.

"I hope he got banned forever," Guilherme "Bomba" Vasconcelosa professional MMA fighter wrote.

Someone else said, "Expel from school and criminally charge him." Another said, "Well, he won't have to worry about a scholaraship now..."

Other Twitter users wrote, "Just cost your daddy and mommy some bread," and "Id be embarrassed if I were that kids parent."

Others wanted to know if there was more to the story, "If you look closely, the boy in the blue trunks has blood already coming from his nose. So, this punch appears to be a response to something dirty that might have occurred during the match. Maybe we should get both sides of the story before passing judgement..."

We must remember there's potentially some context we are not privy to, and these are still young adults and will hopefully learn and grow from this moment.

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