What does MMA stand for?


What does MMA mean?

MMA is a sport that has been on the rise since the mid-2000s and has continued to grow exponentially throughout the past decade.

With stars such as Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, and the unforgettable Connor McGregor, the relatively new sport has found success and a home amongst diehard combat sports fans who wish to see nothing but glorified violence.

The COVID-19 pandemic further placed a spotlight on the sport, and particularly the UFC, when the leading promotion in MMA decided to implement ‘Fight Island’, a private island in Abu Dhabi that would still allow the UFC to host events despite the global pandemic. Ever since, the UFC, and as a result, MMA has grown to heights that many didn’t think were even possible to reach.

Just ask any fan of the sport in the 1990s. 

The sport of MMA, explained

So now that your MMA-crazed friend has invited you over for a pay-per-view event, you need to be ready to fit in with one of the fastest-growing sports fandoms in the world. But what does MMA even mean? Manly Men Attack? More Malicious Action? 

The answer lies within what MMA is in its essence.

Athletes who step into the Octagon are not expected to be masters of only a single combat sport but rather as many as they can possibly incorporate, or as many as they wish to. Whether it be boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or combat sambo to name a few, fighters who wish to excel need to be as well-rounded as they come. That’s why these athletes are referred to as mixed martial artists (MMA) and all of them practice the wonderful skill of mixed martial arts.

The term MMA was first documented during the UFC’s inaugural event, UFC 1, by television critic Howard Rosenberg and has stuck ever since, being the official name of the sport that has captured the imaginations of millions across the globe.

Although the UFC has clearly become the staple company of MMA worldwide, that doesn’t mean that the sport hasn’t found a way to travel outside the Americas. Not only have the UFC and Bellator hosted events overseas, but the creation of other MMA promotions around the world has helped in the burst of popularity for the sport.

One only needs to look at Cage Warriors from England, ONE Championship from Singapore or KSW in Poland to see exactly how much mixed martial arts has bloomed all across the world.

Not only is the talent pool in MMA the largest it has ever been but it appears that the sport continues on its upwards trajectory as new stars have found a way to captivate newer and older fans alike. And whether you consider yourself a diehard or a relative newbie, it is always necessary to remember exactly what the sport is about. The combination of martial arts in order to become a world champion. 

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