Watch Jon Jones drunkenly heckle a comedian (Video)

  • Jon Jones wandered into a comedy club in Los Angeles
  • A video leaked on YouTube showing him heckling the comedian
  • The heavyweight champion appears to be intoxicated
Jon Jones
Jon Jones / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

A video is going around social media which shows UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones heckling a comedian. Jones appears to be heavily intoxicated as he hurls insults at the man on stage.

Jones is heard speaking loudly even before the man takes the microphone and continues throughout the nearly five and a half minute video.

"You're a little drunk I assume," the comedian says to Jones to start his set.

Jones replies, "poquito" which is Spanish for "a little."

Jones then asks him to tell a good "butt joke" and the comedian appears confused. The video continues on this way throughout and gets increasingly worse.

The original poster of the video explained the context.

"For anyone wondering, the comedian on stage is YouTuber Def Noodles performing at Def Noodles Comedy Club which he owns," the poster wrote. "He performs every night. According to him, this happened a couple of days ago. Jon Jones walked into the show, sat at the back and was heckling him throughout the set. According to Def Noodles, he didn't know it was Jon Jones until the lights came on. Not sure if it's just a publicity stunt, or if a very drunk Jon Jones randomly stumbled into a comedy show in Los Angeles."

Jon Jones asks for 'butt jokes' in drunken leaked video

Fans posted the video on Reddit and commented on his behavior in the thread.

"He literally sounds like when a teenager gets drunk," someone wrote. Another fan said, "This guy has serious issues and is also a massive piece of sh*t."

Another fan wrote, "6'4" drunk dude threatens to stick his finger in your but hole, what do you do?"

Jones had previously said he would no longer be consuming alcohol after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife and resisting arrest after he was inducted into the UFC Hall of F

Jones made headlines a few days ago when he revealed he was asked to headline UFC 300 but turned the fight down due to not feeling ready for the fight.


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