Watch Dana White's Bud Light Super Bowl commercial (Video)

  • Dana White is in a Super Bowl commercial
  • Bud Light gave him a cameo in their latest ad spot
  • Watch it here before the big game.
Dana White Bud Light commercial
Dana White Bud Light commercial / Bud Light

One of the highlights of the Super Bowl is the commercials. It used to be that the commercials didn't air until Sunday but now they are being released early in order to drum up the excitement.

One of the commercials that made an early release is Bud Light's latest ad spot featuring UFC president Dana White.

White announced a blockbuster deal with the company late last year.

The commercial starts with a group of average football fans watching TV in their garage. They open a bottle of Bud Light and the Bud Light genie appears. The balding man makes one wish for "80s metal hair" instantly and then the woman wishes to be filthy rich. The other fans wish to be invisible, another wants a giant bicep, and the other a "sweet ride."

They ride the "sweet ride" to a bar where they ask for more Bud Light and for Peyton Manning to be his best friend. The woman wishes for Post Malone and then they ask to be at the fight they see playing on the TV.

That's when White appears and says, "He's gonna to need another bicep," and motions to the man from earlier. The wishing continues on and White doesn't make another appearance.

Dana White announced multi-year deal with Bud Light

The deal between the UFC and Bud Light was announced in October, to start Jan. 1.

“We had multiple bidders on the table. They were one of them,” he said. “History has shown me, with relationships that I've had with other beer companies … I don't go crazy over the whole patriot thing, but I consider myself a proud American. I'm happy to be an American. I love this country, and you are way more aligned with Anheuser-Busch than you are with other beer companies, that I guarantee you.”


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